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skate_debate's Journal

the only skateboard community worth being a member
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the proper definiton of skateboarding;
skateboarding (sktbôrd, -brd -ing) n. : To ride or perform stunts on a skateboard.

** this is a community based on anything relating (or unrelating) to skateboarding.
this means these things can or will be highlighted after you click the communities userpage; skateboarding as a sport, hobby, fashion, reason i stayed off of crack, reason i'm on crack, only reason for living, etc..
along with the typical community entries;
skateboarding questions, tips, rants, opinions, how-to's, etc.
along with the unrelated topics eager to pop up;
such as my mom won't buy me a puppy, someone stole my drugs, i got laughed at for dying my hair black, etc.

****a new feature added;
if you want to sell your board, skate gear, skate shirts (or tees in general), CD's, DVD's, posters, video games, your momma, whatever, just make sure you do it in an organized manner. (ex. list what you have for sale, any information about it, & the price you're asking.) comment to that entry if you're interested.
also if you're looking for something, i'll put the selling pages in memory so you can filter through there, please refrain from making a post & asking buds. it'll defeat my OCD.

rules to follow for members
- this isn't a rating community. we don't reject you if you don't look like leo decap. first time joiners fill out the broad "application" (just some simple questions; your name, age, what you ride etc. the "application" will be posted further down) so we know some things about you without stalking through your personal livejournal.
- video imaging welcome. if you have a mpeg of you laying a sick trick, don't be afraid to post it. same with pics. we are very keen on seeing you bust a move on some wood.
- it's really not just about skateboarding. we aren't like a facist community who will ban you for posting something without the word "skate" & "board" in it. if you want to vent about something thats bugging you, do so. it's a friendly community, so no one will send you hate mail if you get off topic.

top bands;
favorite quote;

haters are welcome
if you think skateboarding is a fag sport, great! voice your opinion here! hell if i care when you get rediculed out of the community.

moderator; lipsynciloveyou
with a LOT of help from; klonopins
& from; armenda.